Cart Abandonment Survey: US vs UK – how do they compare?

9 Dec, 2015

In the US, Retail ecommerce sales are expected to increase1 from $331.6 billion in 2015 to $378.78 billion in 2016 up 14.2%. The scenario is much […]

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How are ecommerce decision makers adapting to changes in customer engagement?

22 Jun, 2015

Folding up a thousand letters and posting them to potential customers may seem like a thing of the past. Much the same as knocking on doors […]

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The problem with Abandoned Carts: How much is at stake in the States?

29 May, 2015

Europeans know that Americans like to do everything bigger. The cars, buildings, the national parks; they’re all a bit like Europe’s… but BIGGER.

For those of us […]

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Keep people shopping on your ecommerce site

2 Apr, 2015

Hanging on to shoppers is often a struggle for ecommerce managers. The changing landscape now means websites are not only competing against other websites, but also […]

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RETAIL RESULTS: Customer Engagement – Who responded?

25 Feb, 2015

Making a website engaging for customers is a skill marketers have been fine-tuning for a long time now. So you would expect some of the major […]

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Ecommerce in 2015: Spotting the future of digital marketing among the fads

19 Jan, 2015

It’s here, the New Year. And a chance for us to speculate over which emerging trends are going to take off. Last year showed promising new […]

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Which industries are winning after the social explosion?

10 Nov, 2014

You hear the highlights and the horror stories of companies launching social campaigns on a weekly basis. But who’s the favourite on Facebook? Who’s found treasure […]

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Internet retailing: Why is cart recovery so important?

9 Oct, 2014

Collectively, Internet retailers will lose around $3 trillion this year between them, thanks to a little known phenomenon called ‘cart abandonment’.

As of yesterday, cart abandonment stood […]

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Essential online retargeting channels your business should use

30 Sep, 2014

Retargeting and remarketing are not new terms in the ecommerce-sphere. Around 20% of marketing professionals now have a dedicated budget for recovering abandoned transactions – and […]

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