It can be confusing applying for services online. Especially when you need documents and numbers that you filed away years ago – when filing cabinets were still necessary.

So it’s no wonder large companies still have to deal with eye-wateringly high bounce rates on a daily basis, as online customers visit their sites but leave without completing the necessary forms.

Recently the Federation of Small Businesses has tackled this issue and reduced the number of people leaving their website. By working with conversion specialists, they have installed help features on their website to guide people through the online process; increasing the number of completed sign ups.

A partnership with Optilead has seen web chat and call functions added to the website in an effort to improve the online experience of anybody who lands on the page.

The integration process was very simple,said Diane Hewitt, Head of Sales.

Customers seem to really appreciate a friendly call from one of our advisors if they are seen to leave the website while completing some of the forms, as the usual reason is that they have a question that needs a personal response.”

FSB have seen a clear increase in the number of people joining the organisation since they implemented the Optilead Callback solution and webchat service.

Figures from website analytics also show that the bounce rate – when comparing overall visitors with the number of completed sign ups – has improved significantly. This is a key performance indicator for a site like FSB, who receive high volumes of interested web visitors every day.

A large number of businesses find our website and are interested in joining the FSB, but for numerous reasons they still slip off the website,added Diane.

“So the more ways we can offer customers the opportunity to connect with our advisors in the channel of their choosing, the higher the website conversion.

Providing help at the point of contact is arguably the best way to solve any issues a customer may experience with online sign ups.

Other forms of communication, such as email, can be useful too. But if there is a delay in sending, or the customer opens it some time after, it may no longer be convenient for them to complete the process. Offering real-time support has proven to be an unbeatable strategy.


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